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Discovery and Planning

We have the expertise and knowledge to perfectly execute your Windows migration using our own . We provide Windows 10 Migration, Windows Server Migration and Windows Server 2003 End of life options.

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Asset Management

Discover and Optimise your software assets across PCs, Servers and subscriptions to the Cloud through Windows Server 2003 End of Life, Windows Server Migration and Windows 10 migration.

Office 365 migration software
Cloud Migration

We provide strong technical execution and detailed planning which is required to successfully migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud using Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Reducing Risks.

With both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 companies must assess how this may impact their IT infrastructure and plan to migrate or mitigate security vulnerabilities. In the UK Government's Obsolete platforms guidance it is stated:

It is vital that all organisations only use software products which are supported by the vendor, and that plans be made to migrate from older products as the end of support period is reached. After these dates there will be no security patches published for these products. No new deployments of such obsolete technologies should be undertaken, and organisations should limit investment on obsolete technologies (for example, no new applications which require legacy operating systems should be deployed).

The upgrade of high risk end user devices and servers should be prioritised. These include systems used for corporate remote access, as they will be subject to greater physical threat and be more susceptible to networkborne attacks. Devices that can access more sensitive information or services, including personal data, should also be prioritised.

Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Windows Server 2003 has already been declared as being at the ‘end of life’ stage, and is no longer supported by Microsoft. From a bottom-line perspective it makes sense to move away the platform, in terms of both security and standardisation concerns. As time progresses the vulnerabilities of the platform will only increase.

Asset Management and Migration Management Software

Unique Windows Migration Software that Delivers Reliability, High Performance & Productive Results

Our comprehensive portfolio of migration software, which caters for Windows Server 2003 End of Life, Windows Server Migration and Windows 10 Migration delivers reliability, high performance and productive results. Migrating Windows Servers and Windows Desktops within Enterprise business is much easier now than it was before.

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Dedicated Planning

We make sure that every aspect and element of your business is thoroughly studied and examined before a comprehensive plan is devised.

Windows 2003 end of life
Migration Management

Enjoy a well-managed migration experience with Windows Server 2003 End of Life, Windows Server Migration and Windows 10 Migration.

Server 2003 Migration Management

Keep track and of multiple Windows migration project workstreams and report against your entire Enterprise.

Windows Server 2003
Optimise ROI

Reach optimum project ROI estimates with our effective elimination of Windows Server 2003 End of Life and Windows Server Migration / Windows 10 Migration services.

The same approach - no matter the technology.

For all your future migration projects use our comprehensive discovery tools that provide crucial information required for successful Windows 10 and Windows Server 2003 migrations.
Dedicated tools that help manage migration of your Windows Servers and Windows Desktop to the latest versions of cloud and on-premise systems.
We provide much more than migration. Our software keeps track of your new assets so you can manage your estate more effectively and decommission legacy systems to save costs.
Discover, Migrate, Manage.
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