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​M&A Technology Integration Services

M&A IT Services

Beyond Migration are M&A technology specialists who provide IT Integration solutions for corporate clients, providing strong project management and technical teams to deliver complex, time-sensitive business solutions.

We help teams from both sides work harmoniously, developing a level of trust between both parties and ultimately accelerating what would usually be a pressurised and painstaking process.


Eliminate Risks & Reduce Costs

Align M&A IT activity with business outcomes by using our M&A IT software and services.

M&A Due Dilligence

Mergers and Acquisition Due Dil

It’s vital to identify and classify every application that is used by the target business to determine what infrastructure underpins them.

IT Guiding Principles

M&A Project Principles

Develop some clear guiding principles to deliver an IT transformation that aligns to the buy-side business expectations of the M&A transaction.

End User Blueprint

Office 365 migration software

Focus and build all IT related M&A changes around the end user experience both internally and externally to the business(es)

M&A IT Software Tools

Discovery software to assess and manage M&A IT infrastructure projects

Be it an acquisition or corporate split LENS  will help  discover and assess the underlying IT environment and manage infrastructure changes.

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Lens Windows Server 2003 Migration Software

Why Beyond Migration?

prepare for windows 2003 end of life
Discovery & Planning

We provide a third-party view of the acquisition to ensure the business is thoroughly studied and examined before a comprehensive plan is devised.

Windows 2003 end of life
Infrastructure Specialists

With decades of Enterprise Data Centre and Desktop experience, helping internal staff deliver change and keeping the lights on. 

Server 2003 Migration Management
Experienced PMs

Who help keep track and of multiple M&A IT project work streams to identify the critical path and drive progress.

Windows Server 2003
Maximise M&A Project Success

Approx. 83% of M&As fail to deliver predicted shareholder returns.  Avoid the IT work stream being the cause of failure.

Manage Post Merger Integration IT projects.

For all your future migration projects use our comprehensive discovery tools that provide crucial information required for successful Windows 10 and Windows Server 2003 migrations.
Dedicated tools that help manage migration of your Windows Servers and Windows Desktop to the latest versions of cloud and on-premise systems.
We provide much more than migration. Our software keeps track of your new assets so you can manage your estate more effectively and decommission legacy systems to save costs.
Discover, Migrate, Manage.

Microsoft Partner based in London

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Windows Migration Software and Services

Integrated cloud migration and managed services

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Windows 10 Migration Readiness

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