Lens - 2003 Remediation

Windows Server 2003 Elimination Capabilities. Effective remediation for business

Lens provides essential inventory and migration tools with a strong focus on business outcomes. Lens can quickly identify your assets and help when planning upgrades to technologies such as Office 365, Windows 10 or eliminating Windows Server 2003.

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The Demise of Windows Server 2003

Now Windows Server 2003 is now officially "End of Life" it is no longer supported by Microsoft and the operating system becomes more vulnerable as time passes. An average server migration project takes approximately 200 days. So it is important to analyse your server estate and to (at least) secure any internet-facing servers. It is likely that some Windows 2003 servers will still be operational after your first server decommission project workstreams complete. This is where our unique software offering Lens comes into play...

Lens helps significantly reduce the time and costs associated with Microsoft project migrations by enabling simple, efficient software discovery. With Lens, you can reduce manual effort by easily discovering all servers, desktops, applications and Microsoft cloud services used within your environment and then plan upgrades, identify risks and cost reduction.

2003 Remediation Capabilities

We've built some wicked tools within Lens we know your going to love!

  • Over 40+ dedicated 2003 screens
  • Project work streaming / task delegation
  • Automated server discovery
  • LOB Application FingerPrint discovery technology
  • Server discovery comparison
  • Communication & Owner correspondance
  • Network & Group Policy dependencie identification
  • Includes Lens Outlook AddIn
  • + many more

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