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During an M&A project, the integration of technology and operations often proves difficult, usually because it has not received adequate consideration during due diligence.

Often this can be due to IT and operations teams not being included in the due diligence process, preventing them from offering valuable input on the costs and practical realities of integration. Without a deep understanding of what’s required to integrate two companies’ infrastructures it’s difficult to realise the projected benefits of merging the information systems between the businesses. Unrealistic M&A integration project deadlines become set in stone prior to a full systems discovery.

Successful M&A depends increasingly on a flexible IT architecture that goes beyond simplifying integration - it also needs to strengthen the value created by the acquisition. Hence, we help internal IT teams going through an M&A to develop standard processes, robust plans and tools so they can absorb an acquisition more effectively.

We work with IT leaders and engineers to make decisions about integration, including which legacy systems should be left behind and which ones should be migrated to the acquiring company's system.

With the right approach and experienced people, the IT workstream need not be a major concern on the critical path.

There are 3 major challenges you need to overcome to ensure the success of your merger and acquisition projects



The sheer complexity of bringing many people and systems together means there's a high risk of project delays and requests for extensions to the board.

Start Planning
Disengaged Team

Whilst the "strategic" fit might be clear to the board-level executives, the IT staff usually are not aware of the benefit to them personally and are concerned about job security.

Engage Your Team

CIOs and CTOs want to develop certainty from the Post-Merger technology plan but the projects are more complex and challenging by nature.

Develop Certainty

The Managed M&A: Packaged Services

Our approach focuses on developing the skills and mindset of your team members. By putting people before technology, we can help you achieve a much smoother integration. Our Managed M&A strategy eliminates risks, reduces the impact of a complex IT transformational programme and results in a much better performing team.

Beyond Managed M&A Methodology

The best value of the deal can be obtained by using an approach that plans for Day One, Day Two and Day 100 in mind. The team needs to consider all original socio-technical systems of two or more companies into a new business technology environment aiming for growth.


M&A technology projects are impossible to deliver without a highly engaged team. The Engage Package is for Programme and Project Managers who are responsible for M&A technology projects. We ensure that the right information has been collected and assessed, and then draw up an action plan to provide high engagement from your technology teams.

Engage delivers the following results:


We offer an impartial, third-party report based on a standardised company assessment including observations on issues that may impact the project.


Through one-to-one interviews or by using our software, we find out who your key players are and identify those staff members who may need encouragement - we aim to understand their technical skills.


We identify members of your technology staff who may benefit from coaching to help them see the incredible benefits of such a high-profile project.


The creation of small, recommended goals ensures your technology staff learn new skills and feel more confident going into the new organisation.


We assess cross-party communication and IT processes and make recommendations for a more effective delivery.

Beyond Managed M&A - Engage

Case Study

We worked for a privately-owned retail corporation on a major divestment. Rather than just manage the technology project and services as they were today, we performed some essential research. Through employee engagement we quickly established and the history of the technology environment, which had undergone many growth and consolidation phases. We also understood which employees were willing to take on the challenge and learn the appropriate skills to undertake a major technical transformation. Using this foundation of information and the obligatory CMDB it was possible to build a more realistic project delivery plan that reduced risks and established better engagement with the technical staff.

Read the full case study


A typical engagement will consist of pre-screening telephone calls, one-to-one meetings and time offsite to develop assessment reports and an action plan.


Engage assessments include a maximum of three days onsite for meetings and interviews. We work towards delivery of the action plan within 5 days after all agreed information has been collected. This timeline is dependent on staff availability, openness and co-operation.

For Engage to be successful, we require the following from you:

  1. Any background media relating to the deal/acquisition and clear understanding and agreement of the strategic fit. We must understand what benefits are underpinning this deal so we can assess how well versed your technology staff are.
  2. A single point of contact – to arrange pre-screening calls, meetings and communication.
  3. A contact within your human resources team
  4. The completion of pre-screening calls prior to onsite visits. Attending initial calls provides an insight into the responsiveness of the team and saves substantial time onsite.
  5. The completion of our pre-visit questionnaire. We host a SAAS platform to collect all information and use this to produce the resulting assessment report.
  6. The confirmed attendance of stakeholders for the action-plan review. This can be performed onsite, in-person or online. For best results, we highly recommend an in-person review.

The Engage Package comes at a fixed cost

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The Examine Package is for customers responsible for an M&A project. This package provides a structured approach to IT due-diligence, assessing the IT function as a whole, not just technology. We enable you to be completely confident that you have all the information required to successfully deliver your project. From assets to contracts - we make sure you have the best possible launchpad.

Examine delivers the following results:

Beyond Managed M&A - Examine

We assess your IT function using a standardised set of over 130 questions, sent out via software to one or more of your employees. Using this information, you can see where the team is aligned.


It is critical to understand if your computing environment matches the resources and staff that currently operate it and if your software estate is fully licensed. Therefore, not only is a full inventory of software and hardware essential, it also gives us an indication of any risks and helps us understand growth and capacity requirements.

Service Catalog

The structure created through an agreed Service Catalogue helps to drive transformational change. A catalogue allows your entire team to understand what services need to be refactored into your new business world and it allows you to manage those changes.

Software Inventory

We assess your server and software inventory compared to the size of your business and industry. Software can often be installed incorrectly leading to expensive re-licensing during the transformation project.

Support Contracts

Your target company technology support contracts will need reviewing to assess their value for money and to understand if any services are currently operating at risk. This information is essential to fully understanding SLAs and costs, to gain a holistic view of your environment and the expectations of your business community.


We undertake an independent and impartial report of finances based on information gathered from your technology and finance teams with the intention of signalling any hidden costs that may be significant in Day Two operations.

Case Study

It is common during IT Due Diligence for a technology environment to be different to expectations. Yet for one financial services client they had acquired a company and the general assumption was the target company operated a small number of servers within a few hundred but it turned out to be in the thousands. Any person or company would have uncovered this information quite quickly.

What we do differently is working as a "glue" bringing internal staff together to ensure the correct artefacts are developed with Post Merger Integration delivery in mind.

Hence in this scenario we operated a small tight-knit team that immediately highlighted the risk, ensured the project plan was amended accordingly (but well within the timeframe required) and then build the correct information to develop the PMI technology project plan.

Read the full case study

For Examine to be successful, we require the following from you:

  1. A single point of contact
  2. Upper management support
  3. The creation and acceptance of project guidelines to ensure communication is prompt
  4. An escalation channel
  5. Identification of who will complete the Benchmark Q&A and an agreed completion date
  6. Access to technical staff and inventory information. If information is incomplete we would need to discuss implementation of LENS (Gold Package)
  7. Access to finance information
  8. Dedicated time with technology procurement
  9. Dedicated time with a finance team contact

We will provide consultancy services at your premises to help deliver each of the above.

The Examine Package comes at a fixed cost

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The Envision Package is for Programme and Project managers who are actively working within an M&A project. This package gives the ultimate in transparency for consultant led projects. You can clearly understand and budget the resources you need to successfully deliver your M&A project whilst feeling confident that you have a highly skilled team.

Envision delivers the following results:


The ability to deliver a cohesive M&A plan requires a team of experienced Programme and Project Managers. We bring decades of experience to the table to ensure that the plans are as close to reality as possible with the right level of detail. We work with you to ensure that all regulatory and compliance needs are fully discovered and managed.


We help you create your own baselines to understand the scope of each area covered by the M&A project. This minimises potential scope creep and unforeseen costs and delay. We interview the key stakeholders and gather the ROI intentions so that we ensure everything is captured.


As its more than likely that part of the ROI of the deal will have been technology synergies – it makes sense have brought to the surface quickly. We make these apart of the guiding principles of the project.


Taking all the targets technologies and integrating them is hugely difficult. So we take the stress away from the process by providing high quality documentation and resources that are well versed in complex technologies migrations.


We will deliver the support agreements you need to ensure that not just Day One is successful – but so is Day 100. Complex technologies will often be supported by key personell with silo’d knowledge. We gather this important detail and support the process of creating binding agreements and knowledge transfer

Testing & Dress Rehearsals

We will clearly demonstrate the probability of success through the use detailed test plans, report matrix and remediation activities amongst hundreds of sub-tasks. The build up to Day One will be more confident and crucially will have the buy-in from stakeholders to the cutover teams.

Beyond Managed M&A - Envision

For Envision to be successful, we require the following from you:

  1. Stakeholder access - Our team will need access to all levels of the M&A project.
  2. Teamwork - We will fully integrate with your team so that we deliver as a team
  3. Availability - To make all the required people available ahead of time and let them know what is expected.
  4. System Access - We will need system access to run our bespoke software to accurately inventory your estate

We will provide consultancy services at your premises to help deliver each of the above.

The Examine Package comes at a fixed cost


The Execute Package provides a structured approach to successfully delivering the most crucial stage of the deal – ensuring the lights continue to stay on, and that no compromises were made whilst the transition occurred, making sure the environment is fit for Day One, Day Two, Day 100 and beyond.

Execute delivers the following results:

Beyond Managed M&A - Execute

We make sure the implementation and support teams are ready to go and understand their individual responsibilities. All plans are created, vetted, and communicated by seasoned Project Managers, and nothing is left to chance. We ensure that all agreed services are running to their benchmarked performance.

Post Implementation Support

There will have been a lot of focus on migrating potentially thousands of systems and services across the line for Day One. However, this isn’t the time to take your foot off the gas. We monitor core system performance, and correctly supply and manage the personnel providing the technical support and Project Management.

Exit Planning

We help craft a technical exit strategy that ensures that both sides of the deal get the best possible result. We report on targets met, outstanding issues and risks, and recommend specific remedial actions. All the resultant tasks are allocated to specific personnel for action until satisfactorily complete. We manage this process to the very end.


40% of merged technical environments introduce new security vulnerabilities. With this in mind, we arrange for independent penetration testing of the new company and technical environment to ensure that there have been no compromises. Detailed reports are produced and a root cause analysis undertaken to understand how a potential breach occurred. We then agree the next steps and resolve the risks.

Significant change will have occurred over a relatively short space of time.
Therefore, for The Execute Package to be successful, we require the following from you:

  1. Access to IT Security teams
  2. Access to Key Stakeholders for concise communications
  3. Access to Service Management teams
  4. Access to Change Management teams
  5. Access to IT Technical teams

We will provide consultancy services at your premises to help deliver each of the above.

The Execute Package comes at a fixed cost


The Evolve Package offers the ability to provide flexible and structured support for your complex transition. We work with you to determine the best solution in terms of technical and non-technical support, leveraging knowledge gained during the project lifecycle.

Evolve delivers the following results:


The staff will have been through a turbulent time and will need support to continue in the ‘New World’. We combine our team with yours to create a functional and efficient environment in which people can continue to enjoy their employment.


Once the PMI has completed, we undertake final workshops and assessments to ensure that the original guiding principles and goals have been achieved, and, if not, clearly state the reasons why. We provide a detailed analysis that contains all the information created throughout our engagement with you, and review this in detail with Key Stakeholders.


Post Technical Support enables you to be confident that your carefully planned PMI will continue to be effective and reliable. We provide full remote and onsite technical support using our own team, which can also include TUPE services for your staff.

Day 100

There will have been enormous focus on Day One – however, Day Two is potentially even more challenging, as problems can arise once systems are under full load and transition staff start to feel the effects of long hours. Our teams will supplement yours to ensure there isn't an information 'Silo' so that handovers can be seamless.


We continually monitor and improve your services and staff so that you can be sure peak effciency will be maintained at all times. We provide reports with the correct detail including metrics, baselines, and improvement recommendations.

Beyond Managed M&A - Evolve

Evolve will commence at the point at which people are most fatigued.
Therefore, for The Evolve Package to be successful, we require the following from you:

  1. Your agreement to a contract for services over a set duration, as agreed between Beyond and your company
  2. Open discussion with the Procurement team, or similar
  3. Open discussion with the Legal department, or similar
  4. Company Policies and Standards documentation
  5. Reliable and constant access to supported systems and services
  6. Access to Change Management teams
  7. Access to IT Technical teams

We will provide consultancy services at your premises to help deliver each of the above.

The Evolve Package comes at a fixed cost

To ask us a question about any of the above services, and the benefits to your corporation, contact us today.

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