Managing Your Reputation as an Acquirer

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When considering an M&A strategy for their company’s growth, many tend to forget how they appear to their targets and some companies don’t seem to care that much. Experts say this could be a mistake and it could lead to challenges down the road as they try to build a successful brand. A company’s reputation is important in today’s social media world. The way a company looks to their customers can affect their long-term success. This is also true of the way a company looks when acquiring a target. The target company’s employees, competing businesses and other market leaders watch as an M&A strategy plays out and this could leave them looking opportunistic, process heavy or laden with overhead.

Invest in Your M&A Reputation

Companies that invest in their M&A reputation are seen by others as industry leaders, focused on collaboration and able to provide others with insight and mentorship as they acquire new targets and build their portfolio. These are companies that have scalable functions and transparent M&A process that new targets can understand and prepare for. Companies that focus on their M&A reputation seem more purposeful and may even notice companies that are not for sale approaching them as possible targets.

This is where the real advantage comes in as the best assets will migrate towards the best acquiring companies and those are usually the ones with the best M&A reputation that can add value and efficient integration.

Manage Your M&A Interactions

How can your company develop a strong M&A reputation? By managing your M&A interactions and using them to your, and your target’s, advantage. When you have this structure and you understand the importance of the acquiring company/target relationship, you can build your reputation in the market and around new potential targets.

To do this the right way, companies must be more purposeful and adopt a strategy that matches their needs and their company’s values. Hiring an M&A infrastructure consultant will ensure that your company’s M&A strategy is effective and that your M&A reputation is what drives targets to you, not away.

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