Our services manage the capabilities to enable client success through executable strategies.

Our Services

Acquisition Integration

Acquisition Integration is what we do.   We’ve become experts in every nuance of these technically challenging and ultimately sensitive projects.   We understand the disruption and nervousness that these projects can cause, particularly to the target.   We always act with great care.
Our team will manage the entire process from Discovery (Envision) where we take a forensic look at the target's technology and processes and present this back to you to collectively build a detailed picture of the tasks required.
We then move into what we call ‘Envision’.   This stage is where we deliver a detailed design and document the entire process to fully integrate the target.   These are the ‘bibles’ that the entire project adheres to.   Incorporated into this are task itemised Project Plans that show allocated resources, timings and most importantly – when the engagement completes.  
Finally – Envision.   This is where all the information we have gathered is put into action.  Resources are assigned, systems are readied, and the project commences.  We provide all the tooling and technical know-how to ensure a successful delivery.   In addition, we can manage cross company communications and manage the project end-to-end.   See our case studies for some of the integrations we have performed.

(OAAS) Outcome As A Service

OAAS is our subscription-based service that allows access to expert resources at a rate that is lower than a typical consultancies (or independent contractors) day rate.   Based on the subscription you choose you will have access to Beyond’s team of AWS and Microsoft experts (see our certifications) based on hourly slots.   This can be used for:
1.  Technical Designs
2.  CIO/CTO Leadership advice
3.  Technical services – fault fixing, smaller engagements, EUC Support
4.  Project Management
5.  Security Reviews
6.  Urgent technical issues
OAAS is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind – you choose the help you need, and our people are there to help.     Our portal enables you to track and manage your subscription.   For more information on OAAS – contact us.

Tenant To Tenant migrations

Moving from an existing service provider for example Google to Office 365?  We’ve performed hundreds of these migrations over the years and our process makes it simple and cost effective.   We move all your data and settings over to the new tenant whilst ensuring we keep operational impact to the minimum.
We will technically and project manage the entire engagement with internal communications as part of the package.  We also supply all the relevant tooling required to keep the impact to you at an absolute minimum.  See our case studies for some of the migrations we have performed.

Security Audits

Security of technology deployments is now a must.   We see on an ever-increasing basis reporting of company A being breached or attached by country B.   However, cyber intrusions can occur at every level.   You may not have the exposure that the larger corporations have, however a weakness down to the staffing level will open your business to compromise.  
Our team have helped clients prevent or recover from security breaches by implementing:
1.  Staff education and best practice
2.  Policies and procedures to limit the exposure to risk
3.  Software and custom tooling to monitor and prevent attacks.
4.  Recovery services to repair breaches
As most businesses rely on technology to function – we are able to guide you through an appropriate risk mitigation plan for your business. Contact us for more information. 

On-Premise to Cloud Migrations

Many businesses are moving to cloud infrastructure and services to reduce the operational and capital outlay that running an on-premise data center creates.   You gain the flexibility of cloud billing alongside the ability to rapidly increase technology resources as and when you need – something that is difficult with traditional on-premise infrastructure.
We have performed several migrations to the cloud over the years and have enjoyed seeing the benefits our clients gain.  Our team consists of Technical Architects who will design the target cloud design for you including the wider decommissioning plan so that no technical debt remains.   Our team of engineers will then move each workload to the cloud adhering to a pre-defined plan.
We are qualified AWS and Azure experts, so you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to back us up.
As each engagement varies in complexity, our team will follow our Examine, Envision and Execute process to ensure you achieve the outcome you expect. Contact us for more information.

Some of our

Case Studies

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John Due

IRIS has worked with Beyond for a number of years now, undertaking major technology transformations with great success and collaborative teamwork.

Group IT Director

I always found the team from Beyond to be a joy to work with and they were extremely diligent in what was a difficult and delicate situation for the organisation. Their sensitivity and people first approach were evident and enabled them to quickly get to the heart of technology challenges and work as part of the wider team.

Former CISO

It was rewarding experience working with Beyond Migration and seeing the dedication and passion they bring. The solution was implemented successfully against challenging timescales which is a testament to the professionalism, expertise and investment shown in understanding the requirements and the brief from the client through to an effective and consistent implementation. The primary focus was on migration but with it there was also a significant amount of transformation which was a massive undertaking, but very much necessary for the business and out sourcing arrangement to achieve its full potential.

IT Programme Manager