Post-Acquisition Technology Integration – Education Sector Software Provider

The Client

Our client is a leading supplier to the UK education and accountancy sectors. Their services are mission critical for the daily operations of 1000s of schools and accountancy firms in the UK. 

The Challenge 

Our client successfully acquired a school management business with 150 members of staff and a complex technology estate. 

After completing a detailed discovery, we determined that due to the complexity of the technology estate, careful planning was required prior to any post-integration activities to ensure no operational issues were created.


Our Approach

We worked with our client and the acquired business to assess the technology, scope and potential approach options. 

We then spent time with the acquired business, building rapport and an understanding of the complexities of the business. We interviewed various team members and departments to gain alignment, understand risks and ensure that we had zero operational impact as we performed the integration and subsequent cutover.

Our Key Observations:

·       Active Directory environment in use but most users' PCs were on Azure AD due to WFH.

·      157 EUC devices, with limited use of management technology such as InTune.

·      Personal usage of work PCs presented a security risk for the acquirer - unlicensed or inappropriate software was removed.

·      Migration of virtual machines with some physical decommissioning.

·      Mobile device management required controls and governance.

·       Multiple cloud enterprise applications requiring full assessment.


Our Key Deliverables:

·      Beyond undertook all aspects of the technical integration.

·      Project Plan creation in conjunction with the client’s PM.

·      MailMigration of the target into the parent organisation.

·      OneDrive Migration of target staff data into the parent tenant.

·      SharePoint Document Library migration into the parent tenant.

·      Remotely migrated End User Computing to the parent domain.

·      Migrated in-scope services and undertook any decommissioning required for redundant systems and services.

·      Maintained checks on Intune to ensure all migrated devices were compliant.

·      Dev Ops and Cloud Configuration post-migration.

All of the above was guaranteed with Beyond’s standard warranty, providing full support for 10 days post-integration.

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