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Every project is different but our vast experience of over 100 successful migration projects makes us the clear choice when looking for a migration partner.

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John Due

I joined Beyond in 2021 to start my career within IT. My goal is to become a consultant and to lead our client engagements. I am passionate about technology and enjoy gaming during my down time. I am studying as part of my apprenticeship with Beyond, however I am also taking additional Microsoft courses to accelerate my learning.

Bilal Ali Ahmad
Junior Technical Delivery Engineer

Sarah is our Social Media Manager and is responsible for all of Beyond's public facing content. She brings years of creative content writing and design to Beyond Migration so that our customers are able to engage with us in the best possible way.

Sarah Miller
Marketing Lead

I joined Beyond as a Chief Financial Officer in 2021. My main responsibility is to oversee the overall financial performance and processes of the company. I have obtained over 12 years of experience in the Financial Services sector, mainly working for a company formerly known as Stockdale Securities Limited. Since then, I have been contracting in various financial roles for brokerage companies and investment banks.

Rishi Lad

I have worked within the High-Net-Worth industry where customer experience is key. I understand time pressured projects extremely well and am passionate about achieving project deadlines. I am a qualified MS 900 and 100 professionals. I specialise in automated deployments within small to large businesses.

Lewis Evelyn
Technical Delivery Engineer

I dedicate myself to ensuring the best outcome for our customers by drawing on experience from a wide range of industries including Retail, Aviation, and Finance. I have spent many years working with technology teams and customers from large and small businesses to ensure they achieve the right outcomes for their business whilst keeping operational disruption minimal. I hold various technology, Project Management as well as Human Resources qualifications.

Dave Refault
CEO/ Founder

I am a meticulous, task-driven individual with the ability to facilitate all aspects of internal and external communications as well as supporting the day-to-day administrative duties required for the business. I have experience in a variety of industries such as healthcare, marketing, and retail.

Stephanie Mumford
Executive Assistant/Project Admin

I have spent over 25 years pushing the limits of technology and leading teams towards excellence. Having helped a multitude of businesses to unlock their potential, myself and my team are extremely passionate ensuring that technology projects match business need. I help our client develop bespoke solutions that work towards the outcome they are seeking with realistic timeframes.

Paul Miller

I have spent my career in technology learning new techniques and processes to drive efficiency in everything I do. I have worked within Retail and Consultancy and draw from this experience to help Beyonds customers working as part of their team. I am an extremely passionate technologist and am a qualified AWS Architect and Microsoft Expert.

Kin Lee
Project Delivery Consultant

I have worked in various MSP’s over the years and this has helped me understand excellent customer experience. I am passionate about ensuring technology projects move forwards without the disruption to staff they tend to create. I am a qualified AWS Practitioner and ITIL. I specialise in large migration projects be it acquisition or otherwise.

Mani Singh
Technical Delivery Engineer