Post-Merger integration -
Technology Transformation

What is PMI Technology

Post Merger Integration is an industry term for merging the various functions of an acquired company into the parent. Easy! Accept from a technology standpoint – it isn’t. There is a multitude of consideration from custom built platforms to dealing with the choices made when a company grows organically (i.e without a technology strategy!).


Our Methodology

Encouraging technical staff in the target acquisition to see opportunity during a time of significant change. Making sure teams are engaged accelerates delivery.
We undertake detailed technical discovery to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Having knowledge in advance ensures deadlines are met and budgets maintained.
Our Technical Architects draw up the desired outcome focusing on a simplicity first model. We will never overcomplicate our engagements. Full design documentation is provided to ensure stakeholder buy-in.
This is where the plan swings into action, using our Project Managers alongside our fully certified technical team, we deliver upon the design.
We understand that your business has been through an extensive period of change.  So we provide a hypercare service whereby we look after your targets support whilst your own team comes up to speed. This gives excellent continuity for your acquisition.
Some of our recent integrations:
Integration of key acquisitions legacy technology to Office365/Intune.
Migration of Gmail to Office 365 including implementation of security policies
Multiple acquisitions of various sizes
Discovery and design of future technology state
Integration of various complex acquisitions across Europe
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Our Approach

We’ve built our own USP over the course of many integrations and have the skills and people needed to deliver. We are trusted to ensure a successful acquisition integration everytime.

We adopt the following for every engagement:

Technology Discovery/Remediation – assessment of processes and technology behind the companies you are acquiring. Don’t acquire risk.
Design – Comprehensive technology design with pragmatic planning and change management. Our team works in partnership with yours.
Technology integration - on premise, end user computing and cloud-to-cloud integration with application dependency in mind.