Post-Merger integration -
Technology Transformation

What is PMI Technology

Post Merger Integration is an industry term for merging the various functions of an acquired company into the parent. Easy! Accept from a technology standpoint – it isn’t. There is a multitude of consideration from custom built platforms to dealing with the choices made when a company grows organically (i.e without a technology strategy!).


Synergies and cost control issues then arise and can be very complicated to resolve due to extended contracts in place and subscriptions that run the product.

Beyond are specialists in Post Merger Integration and as part of our established methodology, we have always undertaken our own technical due diligence regardless of whether it has already been carried out.   This is so we can be sure that when we undertake an integration – we have all the data we need to reduce complexity and delay.

Having gained all this experience over the course of many years across multiple engagements, we now offer our pre-deal Technical Due Diligence service.

Our model is straightforward and has rapid turnaround.

Our Approach

We understand that time is of the essence during acquisition negotiations and so we turnaround our Tech DD reports rapidly and provide all the context needed for you to make informed decisions.  We cover most technologies and in particular are infrastructure experts.