Successful Technology Integration for European ERP Software Provider

Discover how our expert team spearheaded seamless technology integration for a leading European ERP software provider, revolutionizing their operations and propelling them towards unparalleled success.

Our client, a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the manufacturing sector. With a global footprint and a commitment to delivering highly customizable and scalable ERP systems, our client empowers businesses to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency and drive growth.

This case study delves into our client's strategic acquisition of a European ERP business, highlighting the critical role of technology integration in maximizing the value of mergers and acquisitions, and showcasing our client's expertise in navigating complex IT landscapes to achieve operational excellence.

The target acquisition has established offices in France, Spain and the Netherlands. This strategic acquisition aimed to consolidate market presence in Europe and enhance the technology service offerings to a broader client base. A critical component of this acquisition's success was the seamless technology integration, encompassing email/data migration, desktop migration, server migration, and compliance checks against the desired target state.

The project aimed at integrating a newly acquired company with a focus on consolidating market presence and enhancing service offerings. This case study outlines the strategic approach, challenges, and outcomes of the technology integration process, highlighting the crucial role of meticulous planning and execution in achieving operational synergy and efficiency post-acquisition.

Beyond followed its proven ‘Managed M&A’ methodology to ensure a smooth integration.

Managed M&A

Challenges and Solutions in Brief

1. Email/Data Migration:

Utilizing specialist tools, we migrated email, personal, and shared data from the targets existing Google Workspace Tenant to Microsoft 365. We ensured 95% of mailbox/file data was synchronized before the final cutover, aligning with our client's standard migration practices.

2. Desktop Migration:

Adhering to our client's minimum patch level requirements the desktops were rebuilt using Windows Autopilot, ensuring all devices conformed to our clients standard build.  Devices that fell below the required hardware/support levels were replaced.

3. Google Workspace Migration and Decommission:

The existing Google Workspace tenant of the target was thoroughly decommissioned, with all data and licenses removed, transitioning support to our clients user and infrastructure teams.

4. Server Migration:

We successfully migrated 28 on-premises servers to our client's data centre in Poland, with the project identifying, and categorising a total of 44 servers. Redundant infrastructure was securely decommissioned.

5. Full security compliance:

Achieved minimum compliance standards as outlined by our client's security team -  ensuring a secure and compliant IT environment post-integration.

6. Hypercare:  

As is usual with all of Beyonds integrations, we provided Hypercare as part of our Evolve process to ensure that integrated target were fully supported.  This gave our clients support teams time to adapt to their new team members.

Project Outcomes:

* A total of 130 end-user devices were migrated, with 40 requiring replacement due to age, ensuring modern and efficient workstations for all users.

* Over 130 mailboxes were seamlessly transitioned to the new system without data loss.

* Comprehensive business data migration was achieved, preserving the integrity and accessibility of critical business information.

* The server migration process identified, categorized, and successfully migrated 44 servers, optimizing the IT infrastructure's efficiency and reliability.

* The redundant Google Workspace tenant was cleaned and decommissioned, marking the successful conclusion of the target integration into our clients technological ecosystem.

* Teams from Beyond were deployed onsite in the UK, France, and Spain, facilitating a smooth transition and immediate operational support.

The entire cutover was meticulously planned and executed over a weekend to minimize operational downtime, demonstrating exceptional project management and execution.

This case study exemplifies the meticulous planning, expertise and execution required to integrate technology platforms successfully in a multinational merger scenario. Our client now benefits from a unified, efficient and secure IT environment, poised for future growth and innovation.

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