First Day Nerves, Second Day Business As Usual

So often, the focus of a Merger and Acquisition IT project is on Day One. However what happens on Day Two – the day after you’ve gone live with your new IT infrastructure?

So often, the focus of a merger and acquisition IT project is on Day One. But what happens on Day Two – the day after you’ve gone live with your new IT infrastructure? In theory, it should be business as usual, but unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Day Two is when glitches can start to become apparent.

Plan Day Two Service Management

Failure to plan for Day Two service management can result in operational difficulties as once your merger has taken place responsibilities may change - especially if company-wide roles are now limited to a department or business unit. In these circumstances, it’s easy for IT teams to become disinterested. You could find previously agreed Day Two activities are not actioned - impacting your IT estate and operational costs. These problems arise when your systems are under full load, and your transition staff are beginning to feel the impact of working long hours.

Lay The Groundwork

Rather than relying on overstretched in-house IT teams to manage every aspect of your M&A project, you need to bring in a fresh pair of eyes. Expert consultants will spot the gaps in your plans and ensure there isn't an information silo. At Beyond Migration, we make sure that both implementation and support teams are ready to go and understand their individual responsibilities. All your plans are devised, vetted, and communicated by seasoned Project Managers, so nothing is left to chance. We also make sure that post implementation support is in place. By helping you to create your own baselines, you gain a greater understanding of the scope of each area covered by your M&A integration. This minimises the risk of unforeseen costs and delays creeping into your project.

Ensure Post-Implementation Support

As teams begin to work together, significant cultural changes can take place as new employees start to learn your IT policies and procedures. However, your staff will have been through a turbulent time and often need support in their new working world. That’s why we combine our team with yours to produce a functional and efficient environment in which your people can continue to enjoy their employment.

By continually monitoring your services and staff, we’re able to implement improvements so you can be sure high levels of efficiency are maintained at all times. We also provide reports with the correct detail including metrics, baselines, and improvement recommendations.

Meanwhile, post-technical support ensures that planned PMI continues to be effective and reliable. We can provide full remote and onsite technical support using our own team.

Create More Value

A successful M&A project goes beyond the actual integration - it also needs to boost the value generated by the acquisition. That’s why we help internal IT teams going through an M&A to develop standard processes, robust plans and tools. Not only do they then absorb an acquisition more effectively – but you gain faster ROI as a result.

If you’d like to know how to plan for Day Two of your M&A integration, contact us for a friendly discussion regarding your IT needs on 0330 0434 532.