The art of paying attention

Paying attention in the workplace is sometimes very difficult especially in recent times while we are spending our working hours from home.

I’ve been caught out a few times recently (ok more than a few times). I appear to be only able to focus on one thing at once.Much to the annoyance of when he’s talking to me and I’m not listening.

The problem is – it’s a little rude of me.  I do acknowledge that.  My lack of attention is usually brought crashing back to reality by ‘Dave – you’re not listening to me’ followed by an apology and ‘sorry what were you saying’.  Inevitably the conversation I was supposed to be having was actually rather important and I really ought to have been listening and offering an opinion.

To be fair to me – devices are usually the source of my distraction.   Emails, teams, texts and god knows what else draws my attention away from the things that are important.  

The thing is – if you don’t give people your fullest attention, they won’t give it back.  It’s a lose lose situation.
I’ve now started to flip my phone over or close the laptop lid when I’m in a conversation – that definitely helps me.

What is your tip for maintaining attention?