What would you do if you won the Euro millions?

What would you do if you won the Euro millions? how would you spend the winnings ?

I’m sure I’m not alone when I looked at the recent Euromillions prize and thought, hell yes – I’ll have some of that!  
This was immediately followed by a certain amount of day dreaming about:

1. How I’d react if I won (I’m sure I’d have lots of decorum 😉 )
2. Who I’d tell (and who I wouldn’t)
3. How I’d spend my new found fortune
4. How I’d share it out

Then another thought popped into my head. What would I do with myself? Well, I thought:

1. I’d go on holiday
2. I’d spend more time with family (poor them)
3. I’d get my old car finally sorted
4. I’d do some charitable work
5. I’d….
6. I’d……
7. Um…..

I’d get bored. That’s the reality.

My boredom threshold is very low.  I’d drive people around me nuts.

This became an inescapable thought – with all that money, I’d get bored.    

‘Work’ consumes most of our lives, and if its enjoyable – then it simply doesn’t feel a drag. You meet interesting people, you increase your social circle and you learn new things. I like that.

So, my conclusion is – I’m already happy, and I’m happy with that.

If you won the millions, do you believe you would be happier?